Global Site Leader Program

HB Baltimore
Hollaback! Baltimore

The need for Hollaback!’s work has never been so clear. Political and social trends across the world are promoting an exclusionary vision of the future that bars entire populations from public space, life, and community. With the help and participation of our site leaders, we are on the run to create a world where everyone belongs and everyone has a say.

Our Global Site Leader Program has trained young community organizers and has helped them launch local Hollaback! chapters. We have trained over 550 local leaders around the world and are currently operating in over 20 cities and 15 countries.

“We hit a tipping point and were fed up with street harassment.”

-One participant on what prompted their group to join the program

Hollaback! Cuenca
Hollaback! Cuenca

local leaders

Through the six-month program, leaders have worked with Hollaback! to launch their own Hollaback! chapters and websites so that we can continue to build worldwide solidarity with people facing harassment in public spaces.

When they’re not posting stories, site leaders are out in their communities, raising awareness about harassment and pushing the conversation forward. They engage others in their work – talking to the media and holding events and rallies – because we believe that the more people working to end harassment and empower others to join them, the quicker we’ll change the world!

For a detailed rundown of what our program entails, feel free to check out our Global Site Leader Program FAQ.

Hollaback! Las Vegas
Hollaback! Las Vegas


a Global Community of Activists

When we started Hollaback! in New York City in 2005, people just like you wanted to bring Hollaback! to their communities. We thought that was awesome because although the internet is a great place to organize, change happens on the ground with real people rooted in real communities. Back then, we sent out a startup packet with everything we knew about running a site and sent it anyone interested. Since then we have developed a thorough curriculum that helps participants learn from each other and create innovative approaches to their own communities.

Hollaback! isn’t just a blog, it’s a movement!

You can do it! When the going gets tough, it’s okay, you’ll be supported with love and revolution 🙂
– Words of advice from a past participant

Hollaback! Kathmandu
Hollaback! Kathmandu

Sharing A Vision

Movements require a lot of voices moving in the same direction, but oftentimes not saying the same thing. We believe there is value in these divergent perspectives.

Traditional nonprofit “best practices” would have you believe that a tight and coordinated messaging strategy is the only way to go. From a business perspective, they might be right: a clear coordinated voice can be a powerful thing, especially for the media.

But the one-message strategy leaves too many silenced. The result is multiple nonprofits popping up around the same issue with slightly different messaging strategies, each one trying to ensure that their unique voices are heard. The new nonprofits make the same mistakes as the old nonprofits–allowing room for only one coordinated message. This redundancy doesn’t fix the lack of true voices, and representation still isn’t solved. Hollaback! intentionally elevates diverse perspectives in the service of a shared vision of a world without harassment.

your community, your efforts

Hollaback! Cuenca
Hollaback! Cuenca

The people who know best what a community needs are the people from that community. That’s the whole point of Hollaback!’s model: recognizing that you know what your community needs most.

I can’t stand street harassment and feel passionately about making a positive difference but have never known how. When I saw that Hollaback! give so much support, I realised this was my opportunity to make a difference and pick up skills I can use to make more of a difference in future with similar issues.

– One participant on the benefits of this training

We all bring different skills and perspectives to the table, and that’s what makes this a movement. We are a strongly connected community with a decentralized structure. You don’t need to check in with us before you do media, present workshops, or write blog posts, but we do expect you to share your awesome ideas and adventures with the community so that they can be inspired by your great work.