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Your [training] is excellent; I’ve already utilized what I learned to diffuse a racial harassment situation on the subway.
Jezra, Training Attendee, 2019

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A Week In Our Shoes: I Can or Can I?

From Hollaback! HQ     “They don’t know, and I say they don’t know, they see me smile, but they don’t know what I feel inside” – Chronixx. Being stifled and policed over reproductive rights deters the inclination of gender justice and equality. This is everybody’s problem, not just Alabama. Missouri even joined the wave … Continued

A Week In Our Shoes: Status – JUSTICE

From Hollaback! HQ   On Monday, May 6th, Hollaback! will be offering a 90 minute digital training on “Conflict De-Escalation in Protest Spaces”, to equip you all with the necessary tools and skills to effectively dissolve issues in public protest environments. Join us at 1:00pm, we can’t wait to see you there!       … Continued

A Week In Our Shoes: Making Waves For Gender Activism

from hollaback! hq   Crashing onto the shores of Hollaback! New York are our new fellows. We at Hollaback! are proud to introduce these outstanding and passionate folks to you. Meet Erika, our Legislative and Development fellow. Her particular interests are in women’s human rights; labor and employment issues; women’s international economic development; and the … Continued