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Counterspeech DOs and DON’Ts

Despite some of the headlines, not all harassers are unreasonable. If you feel safe, you can use counterspeech to challenge harassment, hate speech, and discriminatory attitudes online.

#MeToo: Resources and Support for Survivors

There is something very powerful happening right now on social media. After revelations of Harvey Weinstein’s history of sexual assault and harassment, survivors are sharing their personal experiences with the hashtag #MeToo. You might be feeling overwhelmed or triggered by the news cycle and your social media feeds, so we’ve outlined some key resources for survivors and allies.


Happy Friday Hollas! We’re excited to announce lots of events and activism happening around the country, and around the world. FROM HOLLABACK HQ This week’s news about Harvey Weinstein is deeply upsetting.  We are lucky to have a space to share our stories, and continue to have each others’ backs. Read a story or share your … Continued