Take Action

5 ways to take action right now

We all deserve to feel safe, no matter what we look like or how we identify. Harassment – whether it happens online, in the streets, in school, or at the supermarket – chips away at who we are. It stifles our sense of freedom and creates fear and mistrust of those around us.

Join us in this movement to build a safer world, where everyone has the right to be who they are. Whatever that means that day, that hour, that minute.

Share your story

By sharing your story, you change the way people talk about and understand harassment. Since 2010 we’ve collected and mapped over 15,000 stories of harassment.

After you share your story with us, it will be read and reviewed by a member of our team. Once approved, it will go up on our website where people can read it, find it on a map, and click an anonymous “I’ve Got Your Back” button to show you their support. Your story will show others they aren’t alone — and that harassment is never OK.

You can also share your story by downloading our free app.

Show people you have their back, virtually

Take some time to read stories of harassment from around the world, and show others you’ve got their back by clicking the anonymous “I’ve Got Your Back” button.

You can also sign up to intervene on behalf of people being intervened online at Hollaback!’s platform to address online harassment, HeartMob.

Sign up for a free bystander intervention guide

Sign up for a free bystander guide to learn how to safely intervene on behalf of others when you witness harassment.

Get trained

Get trained. Sign up for our free trainings or support our work by purchasing a customized one.


Donate. If you believe that harassment is unfair and that together, we have a responsibility to chip away at it, donate. Our work is fueled by your support, and you matter.

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