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“I will never forget that woman or the power of what she did in that moment for me. The power of bystander intervention is that it tells victims that they are not crazy, that they’re not making it up or overreacting, that they’re not alone.”

Imagine a world where everyone could walk down the street unimpeded – with the sun in their face or the wind at their back – and revel in the joys of their surroundings, whether in a rural landscape or an urban jungle. Envision a society where all of us can enjoy a concert, a night out, a jog through campus or a ride home free of harassment from strangers. Picture a global community where anyone could log onto their favorite website and express their opinions openly, freely and respectfully without being ridiculed or threatened.

That world is possible, and with your help we can help make it happen.

Everyone deserves equal access to public spaces. We should all be able to move freely and participate fully in the world around us, comfortable in our own skin, no matter what we look like or how we identify. Harassment – whether it happens online, in the streets, in school, or at the supermarket – erodes our ability to move through public space. It stifles our sense of freedom and creates fear and mistrust of those around us.

People often think that harassment is just an interaction between the harasser and the target. We know that’s not true. So many incidents of harassment as well as the overall culture of violence that it fuels, can be silently perpetuated by people who witness or know about the abuse and do nothing.

Being a bystander means a lot of different things depending upon where you are, who you’re with and what situation you find yourself in. It can be offering a disruption when you see a stranger being harassed or calling out a friend who brags about catcalling girls or hosting an event at your college campus to raise awareness.

The commonality that lies within these different approaches, is the understanding that we all must be accountable for our communities and do whatever is in our power to bring about a world where harassment is unacceptable. No matter what you look like, how you identify, or what walk of life you are traversing, we should all agree that walking should be safe and harassment-free.

Take this walk with us and pledge to build a safer world, where everyone has the right to be who they are. Whatever that means that day, that hour, that minute.

I pledge to do something when I see someone being harassed in any public space, whether that means causing a distraction or disruption, calling out the harasser, or helping the person being harassed get to a safer space.

I plan to educate myself about what harassment looks like, how it affects people differently based on their identities, and what I can do to help – long and short term.

I promise to share my experience with harassment in public space and encourage my loved ones to do the same– so that others can know they are not alone.

I pledge to stand up for equal access to public spaces
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