This movement is about empowering individual people to see that they are not alone. Together, we live in cultures that fail to respond to harassment and degrading treatment in meaningful ways. Together, we are working to change these cultures.

Gathering individual experiences allows us not only to organize, but also to analyze. Hollaback! headquarters, Hollaback! sites, and researchers in many fields have used the stories and information we’ve collected to understand harassment in public spaces better. Below is just a selection of the research by and about Hollaback!.

Research by Hollaback!

Independently and in collaboration with academic and services organizations, we have gained new insight into gender-based violence and harassment in public spaces.

Cornell International Survey on Street Harassment A large-scale research survey on street harassment finding that over 50% of women in 22 countries have reported being fondled or groped.

Harassment on College Campuses Survey A student and faculty based survey conducted in the U.S. pinpointing how harassment exists in spaces of higher education.

When Street Harassment Comes Indoors: A Sample of New York City Service Agency and Union Responses to Street Harassment

The Experience of Being Targets of Street Harassment in NYC: Preliminary Findings from a Qualitative Study of a Sample of 223 Voices Who Hollaback!

Public Harassment in Edinburgh- 2017 Survey Report

Research about Hollaback!

Using the data collected on our site, we work with research teams from across the world to better understand harassment in public spaces, and our movement’s impact.

Analyzing Sentiments from Street Harassment Stories [pdf]

Hollaback!: The Role of Collective Storytelling Online in a Social Movement Organization

A Narrative Analysis of Hollaback! Posts: Political Processes and Rape Culture

Summary Report on Hollaback! Street Harassment Data [pdf]

The Urban Characteristics of Street Harassment: A First Look

‘The Global Anti-Street Harassment Movement: Digitally-Enabled Feminist Activism’ [pdf]

Fielborn – Justice 2.0 [pdf]

The Harasser’s Toolbox: Investigating the Role of Mobility in Street Harassment [pdf]

Research by Local Hollaback! Leaders

Seventeen of our international sites have performed research on harassment in their communities’ public spaces. Here are some examples:

Canada – Our City, Our Space, Our Voice: A Report on Street Harassment in Ottawa [pdf]

Croatia – Croatia Street Harassment Survey, 2012 [pdf]

Poland – Research on Harassment in Public Spaces in Poland [pdf]

Turkey – Street Harassment in Istanbul [pdf version]

United Kingdom– Hollaback! ULU Cross Campus Sexual Harassment Research [pdf]

United States – Our Spaces, Our Stories: A Report on Street Harassment in East Lansing [pdf]