Hi Hollas!!! Can you believe how fast May is flying by? Although, the month is unwinding, we still have exciting news to share! Here’s what we’ve  been up to… FROM THE HOLLABACK! HEADQUARTERS Our Program Manager Mikaela attended a panel representing Hollaback!, where they sat on the panel with Dr. Tamura Lomax. The panel was on … Continued

A WEEK IN OUR SHOES: Our Activism Over the Past Two Weeks

Happy Friday Hollas! We’ve been working hard for you over the last two weeks in the office and around the world. Here’s a quick overview of some of the amazing activism that we’re involved in right now. FROM THE HOLLABACK! HEADQUARTERS  In AM NEW YORK news article, “Fighting Harassment in the Workplace will Require New Policies for all NYC … Continued


Happy Friday Hollas! It’s April already, Sexual Assault Awareness Month #SAAM and many of us have begun our month facilitating or participating in events for the Anti-Street Harassment Week (April 8-14). While, at the Hollaback! HQ we’ve  been working hard to end harassment. Since last time, we’ve established a ROAR for Good partnership, along with testifying for … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: “A guy pulled up…”

A guy pulled up beside me in his car, hung all the way out, and shouted “hey baby”. I am a teenager and he was a man, I was wearing a regular T-shirt and leggings. So moral of the story pedos back off. [got_back]

HOLLA ON THE GO: “Nunca imaginé…”

Salía a sacar la basura y un señor, completamente desconocido, que lucía sobrio y decente, me abrazó y apretó hacia su cuerpo mientras colocaba las bolsas de basura en su lugar, por suerte pude gritar y safarme dándole un codaso en el estómago …sin embargo, huyó muy rápido…literalmente yo solo salí a sacar la basura, … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: “I’m in high school…”

I’m in high school and was sitting in math class. I was placed next to a boy who has had a crush on me since middle school. I have red hair and he says “I hear redheads are crazy in bed…” and he stares at me like I know how to respond to that. I’m … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: “I’ve lived in this neighborhood…”

I’ve lived in this neighborhood in Harlem by myself for 4 years and within those 4 years, I’ve dealt with feeling unsafe and uncomfortable because of the men that live over here. Throughout those years, I was fondled TWICE by two different dudes, I got my arm grabbed one early morning heading to work, and … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: “I was running errands…”

I was running errands on my bike and pulled over outside a used bookstore to browse through boxes of free books on their front steps. A man approached me and called out “Book thief” jokingly to try and get me to engage; I ignored him. He asked me if he could “ask me a question.” … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: “We’re not going for a home run today”

Before anything I made myself perfectly clear, “we’re not going for a ‘home run’ today” and if you argue that wasn’t direct enough, at the moment you nodded in understanding and said “okay no problem” so I knew we were on the same page. We continued with the hookup, and it was good until something … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: “Viejo raro”

Íbamos mi amiga y yo bailando por la calle al salir de cenar sobre las 12 de la noche (y yendo en dirección a buscar a mi novio al trabajo), cuando un señor se cambió de acera para ponerse a nuestra altura de manera un tanto extraña y nos llamó “juguetitos de arte”, como si … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: “Trying to Rob my phone”

I was walking on Ipanema beach promenade. I was just texting a Friend so she could come and pick me up when a kid of not older than 16, grabbed my phone and tried to steal it. I play rugby, so as a quick response I made my body small and hold on tightly to … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: “I went to the Prater…”

I went to the Prater in Vienna, Austria, a park with a nice long, closed-to-traffic, straight road with distance markers, which I’ve been to on average 2–3x/week since moving here 3 years ago. I have a friend who won’t run around there alone, but I’ve never had a problem. Until Monday, February 25 at about … Continued

A Week In Our Shoes: Holla For What?

from hollaback! hq Experiencing online harassment, street harassment, and cyberbullying are opprobrious and nerve-wracking situations to be in. You may be feeling a number of emotions like embarrassment, anger, confusion or just outright uncertainty on what to do. In these situations, remember, Hollaback! and Heartmob has your back! Share your story of online harassment via … Continued