A Week In Our Shoes: I Can or Can I?

From Hollaback! HQ     “They don’t know, and I say they don’t know, they see me smile, but they don’t know what I feel inside” – Chronixx. Being stifled and policed over reproductive rights deters the inclination of gender justice and equality. This is everybody’s problem, not just Alabama. Missouri even joined the wave … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Abuso Verbal

Un desconocido me dijo esta mañana “uuuuhhh me tiene loquito” mientras frenaba el paso. Si lenguaje corporal era de orgullo por decir eso. Lo bueno es que casi se deja la cara (lastima que no pasara) contra una furgoneta parada A stranger told me this morning, “ouuuhhh you make me crazy” while he stopped his … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Kiss Kiss Paparazzi

A man in a blue SUV pulls to the side of college as I walk on the sidewalk to work. He rolls down the passenger window, whistles loudly, takes photos of me, and loudly makes kissing noises. I roll my eyes and continue my supposedly calming lunch break walk, but why??? Seriously?   [got_back]

HOLLA ON THE GO: I was 14 and he almost brushed…

I was 14 and he almost brushed my breast while shaking another persons hand. He and his friends did sexual acts behind my back. He and his friends spread bad rumors about me. From 15-17: He would follow me around, I guess he found me attractive. Continue to spread rumors that I liked him when … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Mother’s day.

Mother’s day. I was walking to my local grocery store with my grandpa to buy ingredients for a cake I was baking for my mother. Two men stood next to the door of the store and started making sexual gestures to me and calling out to me. “Yo beautiful! Looking good! I don’t know whatcha … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: I was walking on the street…

I was walking on a street with a daikon (a kind of vegetable like a big carrot) I just bought in a shop because my bag didn’t have a place for it. And then a random man on the street said to me “It’s that too big” and then two men start laughing loudly. I … Continued