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as we move our physical lives to a digital world, BUILD A THRIVING remote WORK CULTURE with our virtual training. COMBAT HARASSMENT IN your online WORKPLACE with hollaback!.

Our trainings are different. We go beyond legal requirements to align with your organizational values. We train employees to contribute to a healthy and welcoming work environment. 

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  • Bystander Intervention Training.

When harassment happens online, people are almost always around and if they aren’t around, they can be quickly summoned to show up.  Our goal is to reduce instances of workplace harassment online by giving employees the tools they need to disrupt those perpetuating the harassment. We will equip your employees with the right information on how to be an effective online bystander in the midst of workplace harassment using our proven 5D’s methodology; 97% of employees leave our training committing to intervene next time they witness disrespect or harassment.

  • Annual Sexual Harassment Prevention Training.  

We’ll provide your staff with a robust, interactive virtual sexual harassment training that is compliant with state, city, and federal laws. Our training is unique in that it explores all forms of harassment — not just sexual harassment, and includes elements of bystander intervention training. Not sure if sexual harassment training is required in your state? Click here to see the laws across the US.

  • De-escalation Training.

If your team interfaces with the public online, chances are they will face moments of escalation and will need to know what to do. We’ll train your team on our Observe, Breathe, Connect methodology to make sure your remote workplace is armed with de-escalation techniques so that they can navigate these moments as virtual workplace leaders.

  • Resilience Training.

During these unprecedented times, our resilience training workshops provide a much needed community building experience for your team.  We will help your employees successfully manage stress, effectively deal with fear and bias associated with the current health crisis, and facilitate better communication, conflict management, and rapport across your entire team.

  • Digital Safety Training.

We’ll teach your team how to prevent online harassment and violence through preventative measures designed to ensure their safety. We also offer training and consulting packages for management seeking to shore up their organization’s infrastructure to support their staff in the event of online harassment or violence.


Are you a Human Resources Professional looking for SHRM Recertification? Our bystander intervention in the workplace trainings offer PDCs!  Get in touch to learn more.





Samantha Hatch, HR Business Partner, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab:

Hollaback’s Bystander Intervention Training provided tailored, real workplace examples that greatly resonated with our employees…The tools are simple, yet wildly effective, and gives employees the confidence to feel like they can do something when they see disrespectful behavior or harassment.  Emily May is an amazing facilitator that presented heavy information in a unique format that kept all participants engaged from start to finish.”




Erin Bakst, Senior VP of People & Culture, Vox Media:

“Hollaback’s bystander intervention training is a key component of Vox Media’s anti-harassment initiative and one that we found to be hugely beneficial. While there are many ways the company can try to prevent and combat harassment, equipping our managers and employees with actual tactics to intervene when they witness harassment is perhaps even more powerful.  And an added bonus is that this extends beyond the workplace. From a vendor perspective, I found Hollaback to be so incredibly flexible to work with. They took the time to understand our culture, our needs, and how their training would fit into the bigger picture. Their training isn’t just “plug and play” – it really reflects the company they’re working with.”


Jason Reich, Buzzfeed:

“Hollaback helped us run a very successful human centered design workshop to address challenges around the ongoing harassment of [our employees]. With their help, we were able to develop a program that focuses on creating a resilient workforce coupled with proactive support measures for our staff.  I am very confident in their depth of knowledge and practice as they help us forge new best practices for this complex issue.”



Jennifer Elias, People & Partnerships, Bandcamp:

“Emily May tailored sexual harassment/respectful workplace trainings for our distributed team of 60+. This was the first time we had conducted trainings for all staff on workplace conduct and participants said they found her facilitation style thought-provoking, and the small-group discussions useful…We especially appreciated that after each session, Emily responded to participant feedback and updated the training to improve it for the next group.”




In 2005, at the age of 24, Emily May co-founded Hollaback! in New York City, and in 2010 she became its first full-time executive director. Under her leadership, the organization has scaled to over 15 cities in 10 countries — and includes a thriving operation with an excellent team of bystander intervention trainers, problem solvers, and movement leaders. We are deeply passionate about shifting the culture of harassment through legal policy, shaping harassment-free work environments, and strengthening interpersonal relationships inside and outside of the workplace.

“How do we build a work culture that lives and breathes our values? How do our teams become authentic ambassadors of what we want to create in world? I’m interested in guiding us to walk the walk, aligning intentions with actions.” – Emily May, Hollaback!’s Executive Director






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