Category: Verbal

HOLLA ON THE GO: Creeper in the car window

Man stuck his head in my open car window as I was about to pull out of my parking spot. Man was forcefully telling me to come with him. Man refused to let go of car or remove his head so I began backing up and dragged him until he finally let go. Incident happened … Continued


I am 16 years old from the UK and I get beeped at and wolf whistled at pretty much everyday. I have had guys shout ‘get your tits out’ from their cars. I had a man tell me I was going to be gorgeous when I’m older. I get stared at. I also had a … Continued

Rachel’s Story: Standing Up for Myself

I was walking out of my office building to join a friend for lunch. There’s a nice patio area outside the entrance to the building, and I was crossing it to reach the sidewalk. I was wearing a pretty outfit, and it was sunny and nice outside. An older man was standing a few feet … Continued

Laronda’s Story: Not Your Baby

I was walking home from Yogurt Jungle on Main Street when a car on the other side of the street pulls a U-turn and pulls up next to me. Dude looking like Hulk Hogan rolls down his window and leans over into passenger seat “Need a ride baby girl?” I pretended I didn’t hear him and … Continued


I was walking down chancellors walk late in the evening after picking up subway and a guy, surrounded by his friends, yelled “I’d like to give you my footlong!” [got_back]