Category: Verbal

Youth Hostel Harassment

We were staying in a youth hostel and came back around 11 one evening. Two young women were sleeping in a tent outside and trying to blow up their airbed which was making a squeaky noise. We went to help them. A man shouted out the window “Shut the fuck up or we will come … Continued

I called him a fool and told him to sit down

I saw a young man calling out and abusing a young woman across platforms at Lewisham train station this morning. I first noticed him pointing to her and shouting ‘Urgh, she’s ugly!’ and another couple of unpleasant things I have forgotten in the heat of the moment. He was on on platform 4, the woman … Continued

Harassed By Man On Motorbike

A man on his motorbike stared at me as I was walking on Jl Cikajang today, to the point that his head was turned all the way around to look back at me even while he kept driving! I yelled “KENAPA?” and made an angry (but not rude) gesture at him, and he pulled over … Continued

Harassed on the bus

On my usual route to work, I was subjected to 20 minutes of sexually explicit whispering and moaning, accompanied by a man touching himself through his clothes. This was my first experience of this kind of overt harassment. I didn’t know what to do. So I did nothing. I should have told the bus driver. … Continued