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No estan solas

Soy un hombre de esta ciudad, y estoy en una lucha contra el acoso sexual en cualquier forma, aun asi sean piropos “inocentes” mi lucha es para hacer de esta ciudad una en donde las mujeres puedan caminar y tomar el transporte público sin preocupaciones de que alguien vaya a hacerles algun mal, mujeres de … Continued

Sexual Harassment and No Repercussions

I am Moroccan and I am living and working in Krakow, Poland. In June I had a sexual harassment in the street, I was standing with friends talking and one guy came from my back, he put his hand on my ass and squeeze it. I felt bad I was yelling to him and a … Continued

“Show us your Tits”

I was walking home from school last month cause I didn’t have a ride and it was a few miles away, about halfway there these guys in this huge ugly pick up truck pull up on the side of the road and start screaming show us your tits, I’ve never been more mortified or embarrassed … Continued

Body Shamed on Bike

I was riding my bike down a big shopping street (meant for pedestrians, but I figured I took up less space sitting on my bike just floating with the stream of people) as an older male (about 80 years old) “whispered” to his wife: “fede læs”. (In danish, it means something like “heavy load” or … Continued

Angry That He Caused Me Fear

Yesterday I was walking home from work when a young man came up from behind. I am a senior. He asked if I was local and could I give him directions. I did and continued walking and he kept walking with me mumbling. I was getting nervous. He then asked if I had a husband … Continued

Harassed and Uncomfortable: Bystander Fail.

Gonna use fake names here for obvious reasons. (Sarah=My ex-best friend who is 19, I am 17, Bella=My ex-best friend’s 35 year old friend, and Jo the 37 year old harasser.) I went to Sarah’s house for the weekend around the beginning of the school year. She had been hanging out with Bella for the … Continued

A Lifetime of Sexual Assault & Harassment

Trigger warning: Sexual Assault & Sexual Harassment    I was told I was responsible for how others responded to my body before I had gotten my first period. I was taught to be wary of predators before I had finished learning my timetables. I was told I shouldn’t fight back because ‘they’ were going to … Continued

Exhausted by these assaults…

This morning around 11am, a normally dressed, completely unprovoked man screamed “EAT MY DICK, BITCH” at me while I waited for an Uber so I could ship art to California on behalf of the civil rights advocacy non-profit I work for. I was already having a frustrating day, and I ended up cancelling the Uber … Continued