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One Gay Man Holla’s Back, While Another Lands in Hospital

by Lauren Bedosky, HollaBlogger Recently, two incidents have occurred aboard the New York City subway system. The first occurred February 16, and might not have come to light had a passenger not uploaded a video recording on YouTube of a preacher shouting anti-gay propaganda to a subway car full of people. In the video, you … Continued

HOLLAWho? Meet Israel.

Meet Talya of Hollaback! Israel.  Interview conducted by Chloe Safier When did you start your holla? Our holla started 3 years ago. Why did start a HOLLA and what does Hollaback mean to you? After a young woman was harassed on the street to the point she was knocked over and physically hurt, she was … Continued

Today is One Billion Rising!

We at Hollaback! are proudly partnered with One Billion Rising, the global campaign to end violence against women! Join our site leaders as they take to the streets around the world: Hollaback Des Moines, IA, USA. Site leaders Becca Lee and Alysa Mozak are coordinating a flash mob and community booth with their partners at Drake University, … Continued


Meet Sarah Khan, NYU  hollabacker and advocate fighting street harassment around New York City. Interview conducted by Krista Bedosky 1. Why did you start a HOLLA and what does Hollaback mean to you? Women deal with street harassment daily here in NYC, yet we don’t openly acknowledge or discuss it. Hollaback is a chance to … Continued

Hollaback! Baltimore Interviews

Interview conducted by Rita Pasarell  Here’s what Shawna and Melanie of Hollaback! Baltimore had to say about their city, being queen for a day, and how they HOLLA: When did you start your HOLLA? Shawna: February of 2011… Melanie: … and I joined in May 2012. Why did you start a HOLLA and what does … Continued

Hollaback! Boston Interviews

Interview conducted by Chloe Safier Boston Team In the photo from left to right: Britni Clark, Kate Ziegler, Angela Della Porta, Devon Audie, Jane Carper. When did you start your holla? Devon: After a summer and fall full of planning and Hollaback! webinars, Hollaback! Boston launched in December, 2011. Why did you start a HOLLA … Continued

HOLLAWho? Meet Alberta.

This interview with Alberta’s site leader Lauren Alston was conducted by Lauren Bedosky. 1.) When did you start your HOLLA? I started working on the Alberta chapter of Hollaback in September of 2010, but Hollaback Alberta officially launched April 1st, 2011. 2.) Why did you start a HOLLA and what does Hollaback mean to you? … Continued

Week In Our Shoes: VICE EDITION

Hello Hollabackers!– Welcome to our weekly update! Let’s get started. The mothership got some nice press this week — we were mentioned in this MS Magazine’s article, How Some Men Harass Women Online and What Other Men Can Do to Stop It, profiled in The Story Exchange, and interviewed for Vice Magazine! When Vice starts to care … Continued


Dear Hollabackers— Welcome to our weekly update! First of all, we are so excited to welcome our brand new interns: Jae, our International Movement Building/Legislative Intern, Julia, our Communications Intern, and Lindsay, our Development and Research Intern! We are excited to have you three on our Hollaback! team. Hollaback! has no doubt started this year … Continued