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“Smile for Me, Baby”

Check out this amazing video, “Smile for me Baby”, filmed and edited by Hollaback! supporter Ceclia Wachter.   Smile for Me, Baby from cecilia wachter on Vimeo.   The video has scenes from Hollaback!’s Anti-Street Harassment Rally in Washington Square Park and interviews folks who experienced and respond to street harassment.  

HOLLA ON THE GO: The Gag Complex

I was 10 years old in New York City. One day my family and I took the subway home. I walked over to a trash can and a man stood behind me and whispered “I’d love to lick your tight little pussy” when I turned and noticed he was talking to me I gasped but … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Menacing Men

I was just walking back toward my dorm alone at 3 in the afternoon when two men (adults, clearly NOT Brown students) stopped me under the pretense of asking directions to the pool. What followed was a string of incredibly creepy innuendoes, ogling, and clearly unwanted, inappropriate advances, which thankfully ceased after I walked away, … Continued

Check out Hollaback!’s Employer’s, Union, and Service Provider’s Guide to Ending Street Harassment

Hollaback! recently published our Employer’s, Union, and Service Provider’s Guide to Ending Street Harassment! Check out this short video with author Debjani Roy, Deputy Director of Hollaback!, outlining what the guide offers and what you can do right now to stand up to street harassment.     You can read and download the full Employer’s, Union, … Continued