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The bus wasn’t busy at that time, i saw an old man. A smelly old man with his back suffering kifosis just got on the bus. I recognized him as a man who had harasssed me twice. First, its a small gesture in my skirt. I was shocked but he kept calm and be like … Continued

Pagi ini sekitar jam 11 saya…

Pagi ini sekitar jam 11 saya akan berjalan ke sekolah saya. Posisi saat itu memang jalannya agak sepi tetapi masih banyak kendaraan yang berlalu lalang. Ketika saya mulai berjalan memang saat itu agak hujan tiba-tiba dari jauh ada satu orang pria bermantol yang berhenti di depan saya tetapi waktu itu saya hanya berpikir positif mungkin … Continued

‘Hey, pretty, where are you going?’

I was walking down the street in the evening around 8ish in Jakarta. I was walking from my house to the market nearby, less than 1 km. Someone gave me a catcalling saying ‘Hey, pretty, where are you going?’. I was wearing long jeans, Tshirt and thigh-length Jacket and a scarf over my neck. I … Continued

Physical Harassment at the Mall

So I was at the mall buying gifts. I was wearing a skirt and it really wasn’t inappropriate in anyway either. Soon I noticed a man about my age staring at me quite a bit. I thought nothing of it however and went I am empty isle. That’s where he followed me in and sorta … Continued