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Stacie’s Story: Inappropriate

I used to love to run on the Greenline Trail near where I lived in Memphis. The only creepy thing was that it wound right alongside the county jail. On this particular day, not many people were out on the trail, and as I ran by the jail, I was completely alone. Out of the … Continued

MN’s Story: Harassed then followed

I have accepted that public transportation in my city is less than ideal, but my job is good and I don’t have a car, so I deal with it. On the way home, I noticed a guy injecting what I hope was insulin into his belly with a large syringe. He was doing it with … Continued

Rose’s Story: Embarassed

I was walking with my brother who had come from out of town to help me move into a new place in a new neighborhood. As we were walking, someone yelled to him out of their car “hey, your girl has a nice ass” I was really embarrassed, but my brother yelled back “she’s my … Continued

Anon’s Story: Harassed while biking home

Several years ago, I only had a bike to get to and from my job. The ride was five miles each way, and in no time at all, I was in pretty good shape. One afternoon, after finishing my shift, I had just crossed an incredibly busy intersection and was coasting down the sidewalk when … Continued