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Shelbie’s Story: Learning Young

I had just moved to Oklahoma City with my mother after she got remarried, and decided to go to the nearby 7-11 since I had a few dollars and was trying to get to know the area. I was on foot, and when I arrived and walked through the parking lot this guy smoking in … Continued

Kayla’s Story: “…make some money”

I was on my way to McDonald’s when an older looking man put his hand on my shoulder. I took my headphones out and to see what he wanted. I assumed he needed help or directions, or something like that. He proceeded to squeeze my shoulder and look me in the eyes, asking me if … Continued

Mia’s Story: Passing By

So I’m sixteen and this is more or less the second time this happens to me where I get catcalled out by some random guy(s). I was at the mall with my cousin and I was wearing a long blue skirt that exposed one of my legs, heels, and just a black long sleeved shirt. … Continued

Amy’s Story: Whopping Wink

I was walking to the store with my boyfriend and two close friends and it was about 9pm. My flat is only about a five minute walk from the supermarket but you have to cut through a park, and it’s normally filled with underage drinkers so it was no surprise we had to walk through … Continued

Mary’s Story: “No one even flinched”

So, this past new years eve (2012), I was visiting my friend studying abroad in England. We decided to brave the crowds and head down to the Thames River to watch the fireworks. We were about one block behind big ben. It was extremely crowded, obviously. Because of this, some group of asshole guys that … Continued

Arnee’s Story: Grisly Gawker

I was jogging/walking & had passed this guy who was hanging out with his friend’s family. After I was done jogging for a while, he yelled, “Girl! put some pep in your step.” I kept walking away & then he yelled again, “GIRL! PUT SOME PEP IN YOUR STEP!!!” I turned around to glare at … Continued

Kera’s Story: “just trying to walk around”

I’m walking to the public library that is across my small town from where I live. I was walking alone (yes I am in highschool walking through my city alone, but I keep my hand in my pocket with my keys between my knuckles at all times, as my town is known for douchebag stoners … Continued

Cat’s Story: “not taking this crap anymore”

My new years resolution is not taking this crap anymore, so I am posting again because this week has been full of harassment. Thursday June 6th, 2013 A guy followed me for three blocks. I had my phone out and was violently texting people my location, and had my pepperspray in hand. I walked as … Continued

Kendall’s Story: Barkin’ up the Wrong Tree

I was walking down Jordan, one of the most traversed roads in my town, and this old beat-up truck pulled over and slowed to keep pace with me. The guy in the truck rolled down his window and let out a long, loud wolf-whistle, eyebrows waggling, the whole shebang. I decided if they were going … Continued

K’s Story: Never-ending Nuisance

There is a major intersection between my apartment and the nearest grocery store. Almost every time I walk there, at least one man harasses me. Usually it’s some guy telling me to smile or calling me “babe” or “sexy.” No amount of rolling my eyes or talking on the phone deters them. But every now … Continued