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A Lifetime of Sexual Assault & Harassment

Trigger warning: Sexual Assault & Sexual Harassment    I was told I was responsible for how others responded to my body before I had gotten my first period. I was taught to be wary of predators before I had finished learning my timetables. I was told I shouldn’t fight back because ‘they’ were going to … Continued

En la ruta 84

Me subí por la puerta trasera al camión, estaba parada y agarrada al tubo de dónde está la barra y un hombre de unos 30 y tantos puso su mano en mi entrepierna, yo se la quité y me moví de lugar. Él me siguió y se paró a lado de mí, y volvió a … Continued


#Metoo. Obviously. Every post I see from a woman with this hashtag says something to the effect of, “Helloooo has no one been paying attention? Of course me too.”  But what’s interesting is no one seems the least bit surprised. So where do we go from here? When the Me Too hashtag came out, I immediately … Continued

Harassed by Group of Men on NYC Sidewalk

I don’t know if you’d call them flashbacks, but I think about and relive the harassment I have endured. I try not to, but it happens more than I’d like. I’m choosing the attack I’m about to describe out of the 1000’s I’ve had because it complicates notions we have about abuses of power living … Continued