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[email protected]: The story…

Cross-Posted from Hollaback! Brussels It had been sunny all day. A bit windy, but sunny. 7pm, night is setting in. Eighteen or so lovely enthusiasts show up at the entrance of De Brouckère Metro station to start Hollaback!Brussels’ 2nd CHALK-WALK. We have chalk, self-made banners, flyers in hand – and a lot of badass energy! … Continued

There’s No Wrong Way

Cross-Posted from HollaBack! Boston Here at Hollaback!, we often talk about, well, holla-ing back! And we all agree that it’s important to speak up and to fight back. But we also agree that it’s unrealistic to expect that everyone will do that. We also agree that it’s not always safe, because the situation could escalate. … Continued

A week in our shoes: TURNING UP THE HEAT EDITION

Hey Hollabackers! If you remember a few weeks back, we got a grant to do some strategic planning at our first ever board retreat at the Omega Institute.  Check out the video they did on all the organizations that were invited! Women Serving Women Summit 2012 from Omega Institute on Vimeo. Now, for some updates: … Continued

Street Harassment, Illustrated

Cross Posted from HollaBack! Boston We spend a lot of time talking about street harassment – but sometimes, a picture really is worth a thousand words. From the mighty pen of Jess Fink, another illustration of street harassment. Here’s wishing you a sunshine-y and harassment-free weekend! image credit: Kid With Experience  

HollabackPHILLY’s Subway Ad Campaign was just funded!

Cross-posted from Hollaback! Philly We are so excited to announce that our proposal for a two month advertisement campaign in both Philadelphia subway lines was just accepted! Check out our winning proposal here. Below is our video intro to the project!  

Take the Healthy Masculinity Challenge Today!

The HMAP Challenge: Don’t we all love lending our support to a valuable cause? As a Healthy Masculinity Action Project (HMAP) Ally, Hollaback! has done just that through the social media world.   But HMAP is more than Facebook posts and Tweets advocating the idea of healthy masculinity—it’s about starting a necessary conversation in society and making … Continued

Happy Birthday, Title IX!

This week, our nation celebrates 40 powerful years of Title IX, the federal law most famous for increasing female access to school athletic programs.  Although the landmark law has certainly impacted school sports, the reach of Title IX is vast:  it mandates gender equity in every educational program that receives federal funding. Title IX is … Continued


Cross-Posted from Hollaback! Boston We are excited to share these awesome cartoons with you guys today! They are courtesy of Laura of Hollaback! Alberta and they are badass as hell. Thanks, Laura! These are fantastic.  

Hollaback! Supports Healthy Masculinity

In the twenty-first century, no brand, company, organization, or movement is complete without some visual representation. The Healthy Masculinity Action Project is no different. Now, with the “I Support Healthy Masculinity” icon, you can promote healthy masculinity and the Healthy Masculinity Action Project. The Healthy Masculinity Action Project (HMAP) is a two-year national movement to … Continued


Dear Hollabackers — We are so grateful for your ongoing support! Here’s what’s new this week: Campaign success!  We rounded out our campaign to end campus harassment — thank you to all who donated! We held our first-ever city council briefing! We briefed council staff on our newly released research on street harassment with Cornell. … Continued