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HOLLAWho? Meet Ottawa.

Meet Julie Lalonde, the eternal optimist fighting street harassment in Ottawa, Canada. Why do you HOLLA? Because it’s what my grandmother would want me to do. What’s your signature Hollaback? I’m sure your mother is proud! What’s your craft? Feminist advocate. HOLLAfact about your city: We are the home of the world’s largest skating rink! We’re also the city … Continued

Interview: Boston-Feminist on “Why I Punched a Stranger”

BY CATHERINE FAVORITE A few weeks ago, a blogger out of Boston penned a thought provoking piece on a particular encounter she had with a street harasser in Allston, Massachusetts. Titled, “Why I Punched a Stranger”, Allison’s story raises many points on how women, particularly women in the LGBTQ community, all too often experience verbal … Continued

Hollaback! Istanbul In Time Out Istanbul

BY HOLLABACK! ADMIN It is so wonderful to see that the Hollaback! global phenomenon is hitting headlines all over the world. Last week it was Hollaback! Chennai featured in The Times India and this week Hollaback! Istanbul has made it into Time Out Instanbul. So congratulations Istanbul for giving women and LGBTQ individuals a platform … Continued

Black is Beautiful

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Black is Beautiful movement, the Black and Latino Film Coalition has created the Black is Beautiful project, a documentary and Public Service Announcement that reflects the beauty opinions of 100 Black and Latina women. Take a look at the teaser here: Black is Beautiful Documentary Promo Video from … Continued

A Week in Our Shoes: 1/27/12

BY EMILY MAY Greetings Hollaback supporters and revolutionaries! Check out this week ‘s HOLLAnews and updates with our latest installment of A Week in Our Shoes: — Out and about! International Movement Coordinator, Veronica Pinto, our new Movement Building Intern, Natalie Richman, myself, and our three super-supportive partners attended the MEN concert presented by our … Continued

Increase in Rape Reports in India Suggest Women Have Found Their Voice

BY CATHERINE FAVORITE Last weekend The Times of India reported that the number of cases of rape, molestation and harassment registered with the Madhya Pradesh State Women’s Commission more than doubled last year, compared to previous years. The number of rape cases registered with the Commission jumped from 62 between 2009-2010, to 141 between 2010-2011. … Continued

HOLLAWho? Conocer Puerto Rico.

Meet Katsí Yarí Rodríguez, the fiery activist fighting street harassment in Puerto Rico. Why do you HOLLA? Porque mi cuerpo necesitaba hablar de este tipo de situaciones como parte de un proceso de sanación y reconciliación. La memoria que mi cuerpo ha ido generando a partir de estas situaciones de acoso ha limitado mi manera de … Continued

Times India Features Hollaback! Chennai

Check out this awesome article published today in the Chennai Times. Reporter Rehna Abdul Kareem investigates Hollaback! Chennai’s bold new venture to stamp out street harassment.

A Week in Our Shoes: 1/20/22

BY EMILY MAY Greetings Hollaback supporters and revolutionaries! This is the third installment of our blog series that keeps you up to date on HOLLAnews and our endeavors to stamp out street harassment. Here’s a glimpse of what happened this week in HOLLAworld. – We held our first site leader training webinar for our new … Continued

“Gay Panic” and “Trans Panic”: Not a Worthy Excuse for Murder

BY VICTORIA TRAVERS An ambiguity in Queensland law in Australia allows individuals accused of murder to claim a defense known as “gay panic” to avoid prosecution. Confused? Guffawing slightly because it’s so ridiculous you can’t believe that this is not an elaborate hoax? You are not alone. More infuriating is that the “gay panic” and … Continued