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A Week In Our Shoes: What Are You Waiting For?

From Hollaback! HQ Hey Hollas!! This week couldn’t have happened without you!!! Thank you for your continuous support. Here’s a toast to you, Hollas!! Let’s get to the #HollaUpdates, shall we? The #16DaysOfActivism “Stand Up Against Street Harassment” campaign training sessions are still going on. Check out the dates! Stand Up Against Street Harassment: How … Continued

A Week In Our Shoes: Transformations

From Hollaback! HQ Hey Hollas! Can you name 16 ways you could stand up against street harassment? *hint* *hint* You could start with us by registering for our upcoming daily Bystander Intervention Training sessions. Throughout the 16 days campaign “Stand Up Against Street Harassment – 16 Days of Activism,“ we will be hosting one training per … Continued

A Week In Our Shoes: Breaking News

From Hollaback! HQ Hey Hollas, Roses are red, Violets are blue,  We’ve got 16 days of activism, So do you, Knowledge is power, Let’s take down the patriarchal tower, Together, we shall not cower. Stay tuned for our upcoming updates on our plans for 16 Days of Activism. We at HQ are gearing up for … Continued

A Week In Our Shoes: Hollaback! Power

From Hollaback! HQ Hey Hollas! Thought for today and always: You are powerful. Period. So far, together we’ve made tremendous progress on harassment issues globally. To empower one another, is to cultivate an army of  fighters. If that’s the case, then we are Anti-harassment fighters #hollaback!power. If you’re looking to add to your week of … Continued

A Week In Our Shoes: Happy Anniversary

From Hollaback! HQ 🎵🎶The day is saved by the Hollaback! Team….fighting harassment, trying to save the world. Here they come just in time, the HOLLABACK! Team. 🎵🎶 – Powerpuff girls Hollaback! remix  Thank you HOLLAS, as you continue to inspire us, each and every day. Our journey would definitely not be possible if it weren’t … Continued

A Week In Our Shoes: Shine Bright like a Diamond!

From Hollaback! HQ Hey Hollas! We got the deets for you! “Together we made it. We made it even though we had our backs up against the wall.”- Linkin Park & Busta Rhymes  As we continue to work tirelessly, leaping every hurdle that comes our way, it brings us great joy to share with you … Continued

A Week In Our Shoes: 

From Hollaback! HQ Hey Hollas! ……Hellooooo WEEKEND! Just to add some flavor to your mix, we would like to welcome you to the LATEST edition of , “Weekly In Our Shoes”. To interrupt your regularly scheduled program, we bring you the latest UPDATES. For starters: BYSTANDER INTERVENTION TO STOP POLICE SPONSORED VIOLENCE & ANTI-BLACK RACIST … Continued

A Week In Our Shoes: Building A Safer Culture

From Hollaback! HQ Hi Hollas! NEWS ALERT!!! – You are not alone. Hollaback! has created safer spaces to support you by welcoming you with open arms to our virtual resilient community where we can all support each other. Harassment is NEVER okay. It is not okay for our stories to not be taken seriously. Too … Continued

A Week In Our Shoes: Together in SOLIDARITY

From Hollaback! HQ Hey Hollas! As a beautiful day begins, we at HQ would like to contribute to your beam of happiness this afternoon, by updating you with the latest edition of this week’s newsletter. Yes, YOU! You are a warrior, a conqueror, the light, and the main character of YOUR story. IT IS POSSIBLE! … Continued