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A Week In Our Shoes: I Can or Can I?

From Hollaback! HQ     “They don’t know, and I say they don’t know, they see me smile, but they don’t know what I feel inside” – Chronixx. Being stifled and policed over reproductive rights deters the inclination of gender justice and equality. This is everybody’s problem, not just Alabama. Missouri even joined the wave … Continued

A Week In Our Shoes: Status – JUSTICE

From Hollaback! HQ   On Monday, May 6th, Hollaback! will be offering a 90 minute digital training on “Conflict De-Escalation in Protest Spaces”, to equip you all with the necessary tools and skills to effectively dissolve issues in public protest environments. Join us at 1:00pm, we can’t wait to see you there!       … Continued

A Week In Our Shoes: Making Waves For Gender Activism

from hollaback! hq   Crashing onto the shores of Hollaback! New York are our new fellows. We at Hollaback! are proud to introduce these outstanding and passionate folks to you. Meet Erika, our Legislative and Development fellow. Her particular interests are in women’s human rights; labor and employment issues; women’s international economic development; and the … Continued

A Week In Our Shoes: Holla For What?

from hollaback! hq Experiencing online harassment, street harassment, and cyberbullying are opprobrious and nerve-wracking situations to be in. You may be feeling a number of emotions like embarrassment, anger, confusion or just outright uncertainty on what to do. In these situations, remember, Hollaback! and Heartmob has your back! Share your story of online harassment via … Continued

A Week In Our Shoes: Not Just A Dream!

From Hollaback! HQ We at Hollaback would like to acknowledge and celebrate Black History Month with you! As we look back on the generations of African-Americans who faced adversity for  civil, cultural, political and human rights, we take pride in commemorating their achievements in paving a “yellow brick road” for future generations. We cannot take … Continued

A Week In Our Shoes: Stay WOKE in 2019!

from hollaback! hq By now, we should all be aware of not only the abhorrent act of violence committed against Jussie Smollett; the racial and homophobic slurs used against him by his attackers. We at Hollaback! would like to publicly declare our full support for Jussie Smollett, a victim of this heinous hate crime. To … Continued


From Hollaback! HQ Hollaback! is seeking energetic, committed, results-driven and creative individuals to provide assistance in fighting against harassment. Individuals who are conscious and passionate about civil and social rights: this is your opportunity to be a part of a global movement! We need YOU! Come join us as we look to expand our Hollaback! … Continued


from Hollaback! HQ Hollaback! HQ would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year! and take this time to reflect on 2018 with you. From co-hosting the “NYC Stands with Survivors” rally at City Hall in New York City to introducing our Bystander Intervention to corporate workplaces, we have grown so … Continued


Hi Hollas!!! Can you believe how fast May is flying by? Although, the month is unwinding, we still have exciting news to share! Here’s what we’ve  been up to… FROM THE HOLLABACK! HEADQUARTERS Our Program Manager Mikaela attended a panel representing Hollaback!, where they sat on the panel with Dr. Tamura Lomax. The panel was on … Continued

A WEEK IN OUR SHOES: Our Activism Over the Past Two Weeks

Happy Friday Hollas! We’ve been working hard for you over the last two weeks in the office and around the world. Here’s a quick overview of some of the amazing activism that we’re involved in right now. FROM THE HOLLABACK! HEADQUARTERS  In AM NEW YORK news article, “Fighting Harassment in the Workplace will Require New Policies for all NYC … Continued