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HOLLA ON THE GO: Mr. Catcall-Dandy

I had just gotten out of a community yoga class. I was sweaty and happy, proud of the work I’d just put in, and I slung my yoga mat over my back and started walking to my next destination. I had just finished crossing the street when it happened—I heard the electric sound of a … Continued

Week in Our Shoes: Story Sharing Edition!

Hey Hollas! Major news this week at Hollaback! HQ! We released our new, redesigned, improved, so-easy-to-use, free app available for iPhone and Android. The app makes it even easier to share stories of street harassment any time and anywhere, and what’s even better, it allows users to create their own personalized “street harassment maps” and … Continued

Hollaback! Launches NEW APP

BIG NEWS: Today Hollaback! has released a new app to share and map your stories of street harassment around the world. What’s more, with the new app, you can create your own, personalized maps of street harassment and share them on social media.   Ever had someone tell you that street harassment isn’t a big deal? … Continued

Week In Our Shoes: End of Summer Edition

Hi Hollas! Many exciting new things are cooking at Hollaback! HQ, and they’ll be coming down the pipeline in due time. That’s why this week we were busy preparing and planning for what’s coming. Meanwhile, here’s what’s been going on at our global sites! Hollaback! Vancouver spoke out about the very public case of harassment on transit … Continued

Judy M’s Story: Kissing noises

I was biking home from the library. A pick-up truck drives by with a man in the passenger seat loudly making kissing noises out his window at me. [got_back]