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Just Throw ‘Em The Face

Cross Posted from Hollaback! Boston I spend a lot of energy on a daily basis considering how to best respond to street harassment. What I want is a quick, sure-fire way to shut down the harasser without any follow-up conversation or possibility of leaving them thinking the behavior is flattering, while also avoiding provocation of … Continued

Healthy Masculinity Summit Faculty: Conversation-Starters

    This October 17 – 19 in Washington, DC the Healthy Masculinity Summit will mark the beginning of the Healthy Masculinity Action Project. The summit’s structure, designed to be facilitated through conversations instead of presentations, requires skilled dialogue facilitators about issues like ending street harassment and more. That’s where the topnotch faculty members for … Continued

A week in our shoes: PRIDE EDITION

Hello Hollabackers! This week’s edition is all about PRIDE.  We are proud of the tremendous progress made for LGBTQ individuals this year, proud of the tremendous legacy left by our interns Natalie and Victoria, and proud to have Rikera and Sunny on our team this summer. Here’s the details: PRIDE! We marched with over 45 … Continued

Jana’s Story: So shocked

I was going home by bike, it was after 10 o’clock in the evening and it was already getting quite dark. I was waiting for the traffic lights to change at the bikeway at the crossroads. Right in front me, a bus stopped and a young woman stepped out of the bus and went down … Continued