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HOLLA ON THE GO: Business Woman Was Harassed & Followed

I was walking to school a couple months ago, and as I walked past the public library I watched a tall woman with a Bluetooth and a briefcase get verbally harassed by a man a little shorter than her. He started out by asking her if she played basketball, and continued with sexual threats while … Continued


Harassed while sitting at the bus stop, again. This time it was an “Oooooh she pretty!!” as 2 guys walked by together. It’s cool, just go ahead and comment on me like I’m a zoo animal as you walk by. Of course, none of the men or women around me said or did anything. And … Continued

A Week in Our Shoes: May Goodbyes

Whatsup HollaHeroes? We have had a quiet and surprisingly chilly May so far at the Hollaback! HQ in New York City, but we’re getting excited for some amazing things to come in the summer! This week we said goodbye to our lovely, inspiring, and crazy brilliant interns. Rachel did stellar work assisting with the launch of HeartMob, Noelia … Continued

Harassed by my grandfather.

This summer I was on holiday with my best friend and in my bikini around my family probably most of the time. One morning when we were walking through the field that belongs to my holiday home, we walked past my grandad who was reading a newspaper and he told us to have fun. When … Continued

A Week In Our Shoes: Hello Spring Edition!

Hey Hollas! It’s been another great week here at the office. Our staff has been busy with events and interviews all week. Jae and Debjani participated in the New York Women’s Foundation annual Celebrating Women’s Breakfast. Emily attended the Love Bravery launch party. Debjani was interviewed by CBS New York to comment on the new policy put in place … Continued

Sarah’s Story

I was harassed by a man on the street on Tuesday night. I was unlocking my bike when a man came up to me. This is the sequence of events as I remember it – it all happened pretty fast. He got uncomfortably close and mumbled “Are you black or white?” (it should have been … Continued

Christine’s Story

I was taking the train home from work. A man came by and seemed to be selling train tickets. He spoke to me (his voice was very hard to understand) and I said no thanks and he moved along. He then circled back and asked if he could sit across from me. I said sure … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Harassed in an Alley

A friend and I were walking down the street, after the bars closed, with our boyfriends not far behind us. We started walking down this alley way, our boyfriends about a block behind, and these three guys passed us. One came up, about five inches from my face, and said a very inappropriate sexual comment, … Continued

A Week In Our Shoes: Online and on the streets edition

Hey Hollas! It was a busy week here at the office. Debjani attended The Black Women’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission and CJ and Desiree visited the Facebook New York offices for their Global Causes Day. On Friday, the whole staff went to lunch to celebrate our spring interns who will be leaving us in the … Continued