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HOLLA ON THE GO: Cafe Creeper

I was sitting on the patio of a popular local cafe when I noticed a well dressed man sitting in the corner who appeared to be talking to himself . After a while, I noticed that he was making comments about all of the girls that walked past him, ex “hey let me talk to … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: That behavior is unacceptable

I was on one of my many runs in preparation for the 10k that I will be running in a couple weeks, and a guy walking past me looked me up and down and said something like, “hey how you doing girl.” Honestly, I told him to ‘f-off.’ Perhaps swearing isn’t the best strategy, but … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Waiting for the bus

“Hey you ladies lookin’ sexy tonight,” said a pair of men to my friend and I as we sat on her suitcase waiting for the bus. They called me a bitch when I told them not to speak to me like that. [got_back]

Week in Our Shoes: The Transit Edition

Here the news from the movement this week: Here at the Mothership, Deputy Director Debjani did a great interview with HuffPostLive this week on the subject of street harassment an safety on public transit. Check her out live in studio! Hollaback! Ottawa is on a serious roll this week! Ottawa hollas hosted a forum on … Continued

Ella’s Story: Put up a “STOP LOOKING AT ME” sign

I live in a block of units next to what seems to be an elderly couple, and more than a handful of times, I have noticed both the husband and wife have peered into my window to look at me, whether it be while I’m on the phone, to undressing. My housemate decided to put … Continued

Running’s Story: This 15 Year Old Speaks Her Mind

I used to be really into running but don’t do so as much any more- over the years I have had countless incidents of whistles, shouted comments about my body and yells from cars going past when I’m just trying to exercise. Anyway one particular incident happened in my small village when I was fifteen, … Continued

Christina’s Story: NONE of this is Flattering or Okay

Where to start! 1.When I was 13, a friend of mine and I decided to take a walk around the block. The sun was starting to set so we cut through the back parking lot of a strip mall by my dad’s house (the quickest way home). We passed a stationary blue car, not noticing … Continued

“Street Harassment is No Compliment” in YCteen

  \ Margaret Heftler’s article “Street Harassment is No Compliment” in YCTeen talks about her experiences of street harassment as a teenager in NYC. Heftler writes, “We need to talk about it in our every day conversations with one another so public awareness will grow. We can create a public conversation about it and demand … Continued