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Join us: Hollaback! Bystander Intervention Training Webinar

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, you’ve come forward to tell us about how the rise in harassment and violence in the U.S. is impacting you on And yet we have also heard from you a desire to rise up, speak out, and intervene when you see harassment happening. That’s why we’re … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: It’s not a compliment

I was walking through the halls with a friend when a boy around my age made a gross comment. We walked past his group when he called out to me ‘hey, I like your mouth’. My friend and I just walked on but I was in disbelief. This kid has made comments before but usually … Continued

Harassed While Out Walking Dog

I was walking a dog down my street and this guy pulled up into his driveway. He got out and had some friends with him. He started whistling at me, and I just ignored him and didn’t even look. Is it weird that I felt uncomfortable about something as simple as whistling? I kept walking, … Continued

Harassed by Group of Men on NYC Sidewalk

I don’t know if you’d call them flashbacks, but I think about and relive the harassment I have endured. I try not to, but it happens more than I’d like. I’m choosing the attack I’m about to describe out of the 1000’s I’ve had because it complicates notions we have about abuses of power living … Continued

Week in Our Shoes: Practicing Self-Care and Moving Forward

Hey Hollas, As you all can imagine, it’s been a rough week for us here in America. After Tuesday night’s election, and the frighteningly abundant hate crimes that have followed, we here at HQ have been a mixture of scared and anxious. We understand that this election has left people experiencing a wide range of emotions. … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Harassed while letting someone pass

Not even 24 hours into this new presidency and I am already getting accosted. Was driving to turn onto a street and had my blinker on. Saw a guy walking across looking to pass so I stopped to let him. I drive a smart car and have a Clinton sticker. This idiot in a giant … Continued

Pervert Near My College

I currently go to college at the art-institute of Raleigh-Durham I’m planning to move to another state but I want to report a man near my school that sexually harasses young African-American girls just in case things don’t work out and I have to stay in NC plus I want to make a difference anyway … Continued

Boys bothering a girl on subway platform

It’s almost 10:00pm on the train platform at Temple University. This group of young guys–freshmen, probably–are hanging around on the platform. Suddenly a girl gets off a train by herself, and Blue Sweatshirt peels off from the group and starts following closely, trying to talk to her. It’s clear from her body language that she’s … Continued