Public Harassment: I walked into a grocery store…

I walked into a grocery store and this man was like “you’re BEAUTIFUL WOOHOO!” And normally I stay silent, but I was DISGUSTED by him so I said “STOP!” And he kept saying “WOOHOO!” over and over again and it kept getting louder and louder. He had ZERO empathy for me AT ALL.

This type of harassment is building on my mind. It’s making me so irritable. I think there should be a FINE for that kind of harassment, because it seriously affects me. Like a legit $100 fine.

And I think it’s FUNNY that this only happens when I am alone. It never happens when I am walking with a guy by my side. It’s funny to me because I am a PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY strong woman ON MY OWN. I am a THREAT and they better STEP OFF.