Public Harassment: I was getting off the subway…

I was getting off the subway and had my headphones in listening to some music. I heard someone say “you have a nice body.” I ignored them. Then he said it again and louder. I told him I didn’t ask for his opinion on my body and to leave me alone. I told him he doesn’t know what’s going through peoples heads and that he shouldn’t say that. Then I disengaged and walked on the complete other side of the platform. He kept trying to engage so I started filming him on my phone. I told him to tell me I had a nice body to the camera and he was unable to do so once he saw he was being documented it seemed to change the game.

Then he just started rambling nonsense and playing the victim. Unfortunately I didn’t get an actual video recording I got like one second of subway platform. But the act of documenting was enough to turn the tables. If this happens again and I’m feeling feisty (which I was today) I may try this technique again as long as I feel safe enough. It was broad daylight and we were nearing the exit where I know there are attendants so I felt like it was a good decision. Be your own judge but I think making a video even after the incident is worth a try as long as you feel safe enough.