Public Harassment: I was recycling cans when a man…

I was recycling cans when a man who opened a new recycling place near my residence told people She’s, my girlfriend. As a joke but didn’t sit well with me. I am a new potential customer, and you are going to laugh and call me your girlfriend. Luckily only ran into him once or twice after that. He made me nervous that I would run into him again since his business is around the corner from my place of living. I moved since this time. (So less nervous now.) Then another guy working from that place asked if I was his gf and I said no. Then he was telling me how pretty I was when on a date at a restaurant nearby said business.

Two for the price of one…. broke college student recycles cans for money and gets harassed twice in the same parking lot.

I brushed it off without calling these people out. I wish I did, honestly. Their behavior was not professional and not okay.