A Week In Our Shoes: A Better Tomorrow

From Hollaback! HQ

Hey Hollas,

Thank you Friday for gracing us with your presence this afternoon. We’ve been waiting for you for ages. Welcome Hollas, to the latest edition of “A Week In Our Shoes” where we update and remind you of all the activities and progress that’s been happening. Thank you always for your continued support as we are all paving the way forward for a better tomorrow. Speaking of a better tomorrow, with your warm heart and dedication to fighting against harassment, we urge you to visit https://iheartmob.org/resources and read the various resources on improving your digital security. For a quick primer, check out the hashtag #SafeWithHeartMob on our social media channels first – we break down all the information and make it even easier to digest. For those of you who may not know,  HeartMob is a community and safe space working to help end online harassment. We believe that the freedom of speech online doesn’t mean anything if people are not free from abuse and harassment. With our toolkit of resources you will learn how to respond to online harassment, understanding the concept of online harassment and much more. We are sharing resources all summer long with you. Don’t miss out.

Also, in case you’ve missed our previous newsletter, here’s what you missed. Today, you can be a part of the Hollaback! Team remotely. Are you an eager, detail-oriented person who yearns to fight against street harassment in all forms? Would you like to work with a non-profit organization that mirrors your core values? Then, Hollaback! is the place for you. Please peruse this link for new roles open and apply or share with your network as you see fit: https://apply.workable.com/hollaback/?lng=en

What’s next on our agenda? Bystander Intervention Training, of course! 

To kick-start or continue disrupting the xenophobic and racist harassment, join our Bystander Intervention to Stop Anti-Asian/American Harassment and Xenophobia: 

  • Tuesday, July 27th 2021. 5:00PM ET/ 4:00PM CT/ 3:00PM MT/ 2:00PM PT/ 11:00AM HST. Register Here.

Also, try our Stand Up Against Street Harassment Bystander Intervention Training: 

  • Monday, July 30th 2021 at 1:00PM ET/ 12:00PM CT/ 11:00AM MT/ 10:00AM PT/ 7:00AM HST. Register Here.

Let’s not forget the on-going discrimination and violence the LGBTQ+ community continues to face. Try our Bystander Intervention To Stop LGBTQIA+ Harassment:

  • Tuesday, July 27th 2021 at 3:00PM ET/ 2:00PM CT/ 1:00PM MT/ 12:00PM PT/ 9:00AM HST. Register Here.

And if you’re looking to dive a little deeper, try one of these offerings:

8 Tools to Mitigate Implicit Bias:

  • Wednesday, July 28th 2021. 12:00PM ET/ 11:00AM CT/ 10:00AM MT/ 9:00AM PT/ 6:00AM HST. Register Here.

Bystander Intervention 2.0: Conflict De-escalation Workshop:

  • July 28th 2021. 2:00PM ET/ 1:00PM CT/ 12:00PM MT/ 11:00AM PT/ 8:00AM HST. Register Here.

Catch you in our next issue of A Week In Our Shoes!

Asha, WIOS Editor

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