A Week In Our Shoes: Making Strides

From Hollaback! HQ

Hey Hollas! Well, well, well… Did you hear the good news? Look what finally decided to show up. Hello Friday!!! May today be the Fridayest Friday that ever Fridayed. 

Welcome to the latest edition of “A Week In Our Shoes”. We at HQ would like to thank all our supporters, both new and old, for continuing to fight alongside us to end harassment in all its forms. This year we have made a HUGE impact. Check out the infographics for more details.


For the holidays, we’ve got some of the best gifts in store for you, gifts that don’t require standing in line for SEVERAL hours. There are three more “Stand Up Against Street Harassment” Training sessions available before the end of 2020! “Let’s end 2020 on our terms and Stand Up against street harassment together.” 

Stand Up Against Street Harassment: How To Intervene And Respond To Gender-based Harassment

  • Saturday, December 19, 2020. 12:00 pm ET/ 11:00 am CT/ 10:00 am MT/ 09:00 am PT/ 07:00 am HST. Register Here.
  • Monday, December  21, 2020. 3:00 pm ET/ 2:00 pm CT/ 01:00 pm MT/ 12 pm PT/ 10:00 am HST. Register Here.
  • Monday, December 28, 2020. 1:00 pm ET/ 12:00 pm CT/ 11:00 am MT/ 10:00 am PT/ 8:00 am HST. Register Here.


Happy Holidays!

Catch you in our next issue of A Week In Our Shoes!

Asha, WIOS Editor

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