Street Harassment: I was leaving my doctor’s office…

Warning: This post contains mentions of rape.

I was leaving my doctor’s office this morning and right outside of the building are benches. On one of the benches was a late middle aged man, i assumed he was waiting for a ride as often times they do after appointments. I walked passed him paying him no mind. As I did, he said to me, “you look hot in that” (I had on a black sundress w yellow flowers).

I ignored him and kept walking. He then said , “I’d love to get you out of that” again I ignored him, he then said “are you married” I then said “yes I am” as I walked faster to my car and when i reached my car and got in to start it I saw that he was still looking at me.

What he didn’t realize is that everything he said to be had just then brought up every memory and feeling of my past of being abused and raped by five people from age 8-21. I shook all day even though it was 95 and humid outside, I just couldn’t warm up while at the pool! But I know that even though all those feelings have surfaced, they will go back into the corners of my mind again where they belong again. I know that I wont feel so exposed and so vulnerable forever because I have made it through worse many times before! Because I have a great therapist to help me.

I am a survivor and a fighter. Not a victim. If you remain a victim, you allow the predators win over you…. so you can’t do that. You have to become strong, be a survivor and take control, not let them take control over you. SO i know that in a day or so once my internal parts settle from the shock of things, I will be ok. 🙂 But I did let my doctor office know right away that guy was out there, and what happened…never ever be afraid to say something either! I learned that too from my past. As a kid, I was told ‘shhh, it’s a secret’ THAT IS WRONG. By the time I was a teen and told, I wasn’t believed and it took until I was 41 before i got professional help! Thank god i did though or i probably wouldn’t be here i was so messed up! 🙂