We’re grateful for you

Hollaback HQ

From Us at Hollaback! Happy Thanksgiving🍂🦃


You’re amazing. Did you know? Don’t believe us? We have proof.

Top three reasons you’re amazing:


  • You shared your story. This year 1,373 of you shared your story through our website or app.


  • You intervened. This we trained 3,844 of you — and 97% of you said that you would intervene the next time you saw harassment. That’s amazing! And many more of you shared your story of bystander intervention at ihollaback.org.


  • You made a ruckus. Around the world our local leaders did amazing work — including: Hollaback! Croatia for protesting “Justice for Girls!” “In support of all victims of sexual violence who do not receive adequate protection from the system; Hollaback! Jakarta on their #ReformasiDikorupsi action, making a difference nationally whilst also inspiring others wolrd-wide to take a stance on something they believe in and last but not least Hollaback! Cuenca for bringing to our attention the urgency for authorities to rectify the issue of the influx of rape incidents in Cuenca, Ecuador.


You, yes you! You are making the world a safer and more welcoming place.

Keep up the great work.

With love,


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