HOLLA ON THE GO: It just happened a few moments ago…

It just happened a few moments ago,I was out with two of my best friends for a dinner and we were accompanying one of my friends to her home in a fairly crowded street when a stranger who looked like was in his late twenties(I just turned 18) was strangely close to me and at one point his hand “accidentally” touched my hip I looked back and he just said sorry.

I slowed down and allowed him to pass since I didn’t want him to be walking behind me and after walking just a little bit more I sensed someone gently touching my buttock very briefly; this time it took me a second to actually process what had just happened because my brain was kind of on its alert mode after the first “unintentional” encounter I turned back and looked at him directly in the eyes and he remained so calm and carefree that I hesitated for a second then pushed him away as hard as I could and he just started going to the other side of the street and I only managed to call him an idiot very loudly.

I really wished I could punch him in the face and I examined the possibility very quickly as he was drifting away but I realized I couldn’t overcome him and had to just let go. Throughout the incident my friends just kept walking since it was a crowded street and you can’t just stop and they only heard me calling him an idiot and probably thought that I was catcalled as it’s common here (actually most of the catcalling that I’ve experienced are just downright weird and mostly aren’t explicit sexual remarks they’re just meaningless like: hey how are doing,where are you going, take care and even just nonsensical murmuring because they felt obliged to just say something) now I feel better writing this and I’m thinking about picking up some self defense classes in future.