HOLLA ON THE GO: I was late for a job interview…

I was late for a job interview and unlike my usual self, accepted a ride from a person I didn’t know. The ride was uneventful but he did ask for a hug as I got out the vehicle and kissed me on my cheek. He also asked for my phone number.
After we started chatting he started to push sexually suggestive messages although I told him I have a boyfriend. He also wanted to present me with gifts which I did not accept.
I blocked him and he has taken to being very persistent in trying to get through to me. He calls me from unknown numbers, leaves me written and voice messages telling me how he misses me. He also tried to get me to talk to him by attempting to blackmail me by claiming I have undergarments left in his car and he would let my supervisor know. That is all a lie of course. He has threatened to come to my home to meet his mother in law and so on.