A Week In Our Shoes: Holla For What?

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Experiencing online harassment, street harassment, and cyberbullying are opprobrious and nerve-wracking situations to be in. You may be feeling a number of emotions like embarrassment, anger, confusion or just outright uncertainty on what to do. In these situations, remember, Hollaback! and Heartmob has your back! Share your story of online harassment via HeartMob and your story of street and workplace harassment via Hollaback!, and get support from our phenomenal community of HeartMobbers and Hollaback! supporters. Also, in a committed effort to understand the experience of workplace harassment, Spot has created a survey you can fill out. Click here for more information!

Around the world

Hollaback! Netherlands Meet one of our volunteers, Hien from Hollaback! Netherlands (right) who joined the movement to help end harassment in all forms. 

Hollaback! Jakarta Major shout out to Hollaback! Jakarta’s co-director Anindya Restuviani (left) who was spotted in a trendy T-shirt which was “activist-inspired”. The message portrayed on the shirt was that catcalling is not okay to get someone’s attention. Want one? Feel free to DM us on Instagram.

As it pertains to creating safer spaces for persons, in Santiago, Chile a Transgender school was introduced. This is a safe haven for students between the ages of 6-17 years old, giving the students a safe space to embrace their identity without having to face discrimination, physical and verbal abuse and bullying. For more information, click here.


In the heart of the beautiful country Belize, many persons face harassment on a daily basis. Here is a story from a native Belizean woman.

“I was riding my bicycle home and a guy said, “Aye, I want you to ride my face like the way you are riding this bicycle!” I was extremely angry, disgusted, mortified and [at a] loss for words at this man. How did he even come up with this line? I couldn’t believe what just happened. That is not the way to get my attention!!! I just had to continue pedaling home.”

Catch you in our next issue of A Week In Our Shoes!

Asha, WIOS Editor

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