HOLLA ON THE GO: “As I was ending my normal…”

As I was ending my normal routine of getting off the bus and heading home after a long day at work I began to get off the bus on Santa Rosalia and Buckingham and I began to walk across the street and this older man was walking towards the same direction as me. So I began to wave my hand because there was a fly that kept flying in my face so as I began to walk the guy said, “What are you waving your hand at? What? You do not like the smell? Well maybe you should go back to Mexico where you belong and it might smell better over there… I am a US Vietnam war veteran…”, basically telling me that I was not welcomed here but I am mixed and for someone to automatically assume that I am from Mexico is racist to me and I just felt so outraged that people will just publicly harass you because you are mixed and look like you are from Mexico and that you do not belong here. I want people to know that this is not okay and it is not acceptable.