A Week in our Shoes: Strength and Resilience

Happy Friday Hollas! The end of the year’s coming up before we know it and we feel confident that 2018 will start with renewed strength and resilience. Till then, we’re going to keep fighting the feminist fight and we’re so glad to have all of your support.  Here’s a quick overview of some of the activism and initiatives we’re involved in right now, in Brooklyn and around the world.


  • We’re still working to raise $30,000 before the end of the year — and we are so thankful to everyone who has donated so far. With the holiday season coming up, think about creative presents to give that can support the fight against harassment. Giving a Bystander Intervention training to a friend is a creative and unconventional gift.
  • 7Cinema is fundraising for the amazing work they’re doing. Better yet, they’re donating a portion to Hollaback! to support the fight against harassment. Check out their plan and find out how you can help here.


  • Elaine from Hollaback! Belfast was on BBC radio’s Good Morning Ulster this Tuesday to discuss the issues around consent in the song Baby It’s Cold Outside.  Listen here starting at 1 hour and 55 minutes.Hollaback! Jakarta
  • Hollaback! Jakarta partook in Festival Relawan (Volunteer Festival) as part of Indonesia’s National Volunteer Month. Fitri from their team represented Hollaback! Jakarta on a panel called “The Face of Volunteerism.” They had a lively booth with friends from Jakarta Feminist where they handed out cards against harassment and Bystander Intervention flyers.
  • Hollaback! Jakarta was featured in an article by The New York Times. They were happy for the exposure, and it has more people talking about street harassment in Jakarta. However, the article could have gone deeper and missed some important points.
  • Last week, Hollaback! Cuenca was invited as speakers in the conversation on “Gender and Territory” organized by the University Women’s Association of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Cuenca. They talked about the importance of public policies and urban planning with a gender focus that guarantee safe public spaces for women and girls.
  • FCC voted to repeal net neutrality on December 14th. But, fight isn’t over! Congress can still overrule the FCC vote. You can take action by calling congress. More information here.Tarana Burke
  • We are proud to present the first research study on HeartMob! Researchers show that HeartMob helps validate targets by specifically labeling their experiences as “online harassment” and also offers access to social support. Check out the study here.
  • As always, if you or someone you know is being harassed online, check out HeartMob and find all the resources you need to get help.
  • Yesterday, The People’s Supper hosted their first-ever Twitter supper! The discussion featured some leading feminist voices talking about what brought them to the table and what keeps them sustained.
  • This week, The People’s Supper had suppers happening all around the country. Here are a few: Jen + Aditi, San Francisco, CA, Friday, 12/15. Geoffrey Cole, Office of Religious Life, Dickinson College 12/13, discussed his campus leadership on interfaith and social justice and facilitation experience. Dave Stark, Director, Stiles Hall, Berkeley, 12/11, discussed his  course “Race Matters” at Berkeley. Sarah Grey, founder of Friday Night Meatballs 12/11, discussed her work in creating an international potluck phenomenon with weekly dinners at her home.
  • To join a supper or start your own, visit the People’s Supper website.
  • We’re looking for activists to help us make change.  If you’re interested in joining the global movement to end harassment, check out the Hollaback! site leader program.
  • Help us raise money by the end of the year to continue the fight against harassment.


With love and solidarity,

-The Hollaback Team


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