When NYPD fails, at least we have our neighbors

In the seven years that I’ve lived in New York, this is one of the worst street encounters I’ve had to-date.

Around 1:15 pm this afternoon, I was walking home after a hair appointment to get ready for a job interview. I came out of the subway station at 125th and decided to take a small detour and instead walked down Lexington and took a detour down E. 124th St.

Lost in my thoughts and focused on all the things I had to do today, I was suddenly jarred when I felt two hands reaching up my skirt and grabbing my buttocks squeezing hard. This sounds crazy in retrospect, but for a split second, I thought it was my significant other being playful, but he would never do that to me in public. Not to mention he was at work.

I whipped around and a young-ish but disheveled man was standing behind me smiling smugly. I started to scream after him and made a lot of noise, but he just laughed at me and ran south down 3rd avenue.

A few good samaritans tried to chase him, but he was too fast. Two bystanders flagged down an NYPD squad car, and the female P.O. on duty called for backup. They never came. We waited for nearly 40 minutes that seemed like an eternity. My phone had died and wouldn’t charge, I was running late, and just shaken up and wanted to go home. I kept begging the officer to ask the others to come, but still nothing. She took my information and the information of the two bystanders who stayed behind. One woman who stayed behind intimated that the skirt I was wearing was too sheer/too short and “that’s why he did it.” Cool feedback! Very helpful!

I went home and my partner rushed uptown from work to be with. We went to our local precinct, and when we got there, there was no record of the incident. Stupidly, I hadn’t got the P.O.’s badge number or name. They gave me a complaint number and told me to check back tomorrow to see if it made it into the system at the end of her shift. Considering how the NYPD treated me last time I filed a sexual harassment complaint (man followed and threatened me), I’m not optimistic.

I was very grateful to my neighbors, however, for supporting me.