A Week in our Shoes: Women’s History Month Starts Now

#RevolutionOfValuesWhat’s up, hollas?! Happy March, a.k.a. Women’s History Month!

Here’s what we’ve been up to this week…

  • Speaking of bystander interventionDebjani trained the Wolf and Wilhelmine design firm this week!
  • We were interviewed by WPIX11 about a proposed bill that would require all NYPD officers to go through sensitivity training around sexual harassment and assault.
  • We signed on to partner with #RevolutionOfValues, which officially launched this week! #RevolutionOfValues is a one-day national action that will be held April 4, the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech, “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence.”
  • We hosted a “train the trainers” event for our site leaders so they can teach bystander intervention in their communities!
  • jakarta WIOSEmily went down to Miami to be a keynote speaker at the AshokaU Exchange with our #100Days100Dinners partners – and participated in a tentpole dinner with 100 people.
  • Hollaback! Jakarta hosted a poster-making event for the Women’s March Jakarta, which is taking place this weekend on March 4th.
  • Hollaback! Nederland brainstormed with experts at the Municipality of Amsterdam about how to implement a plan of action against street harassment.
  • oxfordwios2Hollaback! Oxford spoke about gender-based violence at the Oxfam house. We can’t wait to hear how it went!
  • Emily is going to be speaking about HeartMob in Indiana early next week at the IUPUI Symposium on Civil Discourse.
  • Our HeartMob team has been conducting usability tests to figure out how to make the website more intuitive to use!
  • We are co-hosting an in-person bystander intervention training this Saturday! The training will be at the Brooklyn Public Library from 2-3:30pm at the Central Library branch. If you want to get trained up but don’t live in the area, don’t forget we’re hosting regular webinars.
  • Our office will stay open on March 8, but we’ll be wearing red in solidarity with those on strike for #ADayWithoutAWoman!
  • Debjani will be speaking on a panel about harassment with the NYC Commission on Human Rights on March 9th for Women’s History Month.
  • Coming up on March 11th, we’re going to be a part of a free event geared towards boosting community involvement through a series of civic engagement workshops! Presented by the High Line Art and The Kitchen, we’ll be conducting a bystander intervention training from 1-2pm.
  • We will be co-hosting a bystander intervention training at Love Child Yoga here in NYC on March 29th! Click here for more information.
  • Save the date! We will be hosting our annual Anti-Street Harassment Rally on April 8th. Location TBA.

With love and revolution,

The Hollaback! Team

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