Week In Our Shoes: Hit The Ground Running

Hey Hollas!

This week has been super busy and exciting, with our interns getting into the swing of things and some cool new opportunities knocking on our door. We’ve spent the week here at HQ reaching out to the community and hitting the ground running to ensure that this fall is an eventful one!

town-hall-1Our Executive Director Emily attended a Town Hall meeting on park safety on Wednesday, Sept. 21, and our friends over at The Center for Anti-Violence Education were also there. Organizations involved in health and safety educated officials and the community on how to stay safe in parks, making for a super productive meeting!

This weekend was also jam-packed with activity! On Saturday, Sept. 24, our Executive Director Emily and our Program and Administrative Assistant Tamar attended a super informative panel called Children, Not Criminals: Rethinking School Discipline at the Brooklyn Museum. The panel addressed the role that in-school arrests and school suspensions play in criminalizing young men and women of color. The panel provided alternative disciplinary techniques from national and local advocates working in the school-to-prison pipeline sector. 

project-empowerment-1Emily also facilitated a discussion with Project Empowerment on Sunday, Sept. 25, where she talked about the burdens that accompany being a woman, the birth of Hollaback!, the struggle to make street harassment recognized as an issue worthy of attention and action and the journey of turning Hollaback! into a global movement. During her speech, Emily encouraged other women to empower each other by sharing their stories, and changing the narrative of our culture. What an awesome message!

Another awesome update is that Emily was recently named one of the 21 international leaders changing European politics by VoteRunLead, a national organization that uses technology and training to accelerate the number of women involved in civic and political leadership. We’re so incredibly proud of her!

Here’s what’s been going on with our sites around the world:

Elaine Coyle, Hollaback! Belfast’s representative on a feminist activist lead TV discussion program called Reclaim The Agenda, recently filmed an episode dedicated to sexual harassment, where participants addressed and discussed the increasing rate at which young women are sexually harassed, and the societal stigma that prevents these women from coming forward and standing up for themselves. Panelists discussed rewriting the narrative by bringing both men and women on board to prevent sexual harassment and passing legislation that requires schools to teach lessons advocating for gender equality.


Hollaback! Bahamas founder Alicia Wallace recently wrote an article in Lady Clever about bringing the initiative to her community. In the article, Wallace detailed some instances of street harassment and victim-blaming she had experienced, and explained that bringing Hollaback! to her community was a way to reclaim her power and her voice. After feeling tired of the silence that surrounded sexual harassment, she applied to be a site leader for Hollaback! Bahamas, which launched in April of 2014.

To help people understand street harassment—definition, root cause, and effects—and combat it, we have to use statistics available to us, and continue sharing our stories,” she said. Great job, Alicia! We can’t wait to watch the site grow!

Awesome work, everyone! We can’t wait to see what next week has in store!

Holla and out!

-the Hollaback! Team

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