Alison’s Story: Motorcycle Creeper

I was taking an hour-long walk and enjoying the long overdue sunshine. It was a really zen and beautiful moment for me. I got close to a hawk that was on a low branch on my college campus and thought about how much I love animals because they generally don’t bother people. I’d been honked at already by three male drivers I’d mistakenly made eye contact with. It startled me and made me angry every time.

I was halfway back to my apartment when a guy started revving up his motorcycle at the sight of me. I rolled my eyes while crossing the intersection and he yelled, “Tryin’ to get raped?!”

He continued yelling things at me until the light changed. Blood was rushing too loud in my ears for me or hear the rest. All I keep thinking is that I hope his fragile ego overtakes him and he dies in a wreck of his own causing.