Month: December 2013

31 days of HOLLA: Hollaback! Belfast!

On the 24th day of HOLLA, the spotlight is on team Hollaback! Belfast! The team continues to astound us: participating in Human Rights Week, partnering with Here NI, and producing a brilliant poster series. Way to go Belfast! We can’t wait to see what the new year holds! Show Hollaback! Belfast your support at 

Maria’s Story: “I felt so violated”

I attended a show at the House of Blues alone. My boyfriend recently broke up with me and my friends were in Vegas. I sometimes go to events because I enjoy spending time alone and I needed to listen to live music as my form of therapy. There I was in the crowd enjoying the … Continued

31 days of HOLLA: Hollaback! Halifax

On the 23rd day of HOLLA, we’re heading up to the chilly East Coast and highlighting team Hollaback! Halifax! Hollaback! Halifax has been unstoppable this year, from participating in Take Back the Campus and Halifax Pride Parade to their Chalk Walk in the Halifax Commons. Way to go Hollaback! Halifax! To show them some serious … Continued

31 days of HOLLA: Hollaback! ULU

It’s the 22nd day of our 31 days of HOLLA campaign and today we are looking at one of our recently launched sites, Hollaback! ULU (University of London Union)! Hollaback! ULU just launched, but they’ve already generated amazing research, publishing “Cross Campus Sexual Harassment Research,” which you can read here! Great job team Hollaback! ULU! … Continued

31 days of HOLLA: Hollaback! Melbourne!

It’s the 21st day of HOLLA and today we’re looking at the amazing work of team Hollaback! Melbourne! This week, the team celebrated Melbourne’s HOLLAdays in style, holding an open meeting on December 10th with a great turnout! Show your support to Hollaback! Melbourne by visiting their site at and check out their amazing guest blogger … Continued

Ligne4’s Story: Creeper on the subway

I was sitting in the subway, checking my phone. When I looked up, I came face to ‘face’ with an fully erected membrum virile. I shouted with surprise but stood still, not believing my eyes. The man hid his dong behind his shoulder bag, and mumbled ‘Sorry’. A woman asked me what was going on, … Continued

31 Days of HOLLA: Hollaback! Berlin

On the 20th day of HOLLA, we’re sending our love to Hollaback! Berlin! 2013 has been an amazing year for Hollaback! Berlin. The team gave workshops and interviews, produced zines, wrote articles, translated infographics, and participated in the “Faust in da Street” documentary by Street UniverCity. And let’s not forget about one of the most … Continued

Hannah’s Story: “Smile”

Some time ago my sister and I entered a shoe store to look around. An employee came up to me and at first seemed friendly, even if a little invasive. At one point he told me to smile and said something along the lines of ‘We should get working’ and did a lewd little dance. … Continued

31 Days of HOLLA: Hollaback! Muncie

It’s the 19th day of our 31 days of HOLLA and today we’re looking at one of our recently launched sites, Hollaback! Muncie! Hollaback! Muncie just launched this December and they’ve hit the ground running. Just this December 9th, Hollaback! Muncie held a successful anti-street harassment walk…in -15 degree windchill. Whew! Show some support for … Continued