Cassie’s Story: “I was so scared”

I was driving to grab some lunch earlier today and I had just turned onto the main street from the little street my apartment is off of when a man in a big SUV slowed way down so he could do typical creep things like smile/wave/wink/etc at me while we drove side by side.

I eventually was able to get over and behind him, thinking this would be enough to make him continue with his day, but no. He got back over so that he could get behind my car. I was nearing my destination so I took a really sharp, signal-less right turn to go into the side driveway of the plaza, in the hopes that would lose him. It didn’t. He had to slam on his brakes and do a hard right turn also to stay behind me. I did another immediate, signal-less right turn into the plaza and it all happened so fast that he didn’t have time to turn in and follow me. I parked my car and sat there for a few seconds looking around to make sure he didn’t come in a different way. I didn’t see any sign of him so I got out of my car and started to quickly walk toward the restaurant.

Guess who I see over to the left driving up and down the aisles of parked cars?! Yep, him.(keep in mind this is a huge plaza, I could have gone anywhere and he found it worth it to try and find me) Guess who pulls up like he is about to leave the plaza but then spots me at the last second and sits there in his car staring and smiling and waving? YEP! Him! I walked quick with my head down across the street into the restaurant. I couldn’t stop shaking and I could barely talk enough to order my food, I was so scared.

I got my food and I went to leave. I got my self defense cat and my phone ready, just in case, but there was no sign of him anywhere. I got to my car and jumped in and locked the doors. I checked all around my car to see if he was anywhere to be seen and he wasn’t. I went home a different, longer way so I could see if he was following me again and he wasn’t. I got home and I broke down crying to my husband on the phone. Fuck that guy. Fuck him for being able to ruin my whole day in the matter of minutes. Fuck him for thinking that was an ok thing to do.