Month: July 2013

A’s Story: Creeped Out at the Fair

So I was at the local county fair last year with a couple of my friends. One of my friends had to meet her mom by the entrance so that she could get her sweater. We were standing by the entrance waiting for her mom when this older man, probably in his 50s or 60s … Continued

Rae’s Story: “Smelly drunk guy”

Smelly drunk guy decided to take advantage of the super-packed bus to rub himself against my butt. I didn’t feel like I could speak up because I was scared that the other passengers wouldn’t support me, since there were no other women in the immediate area. [got_back]

Meet Us On The Subway

On April 13, 2013, Philadelphia organizations and community members participated in International Anti-Street Harassment Week. The day consisted of sidewalk chalking, discussing HollabackPhilly’s new SEPTA ads, and a debrief in LOVE Park. A Fallen Leaf Production July 2013 A big thank you to Kara Lieff for putting together this wonderful video!! [vimeo][/vimeo]

Thea’s Story: Time For A Change

Travelling on a public coach in the daytime down the highway, I look out the window at a car driving in the next lane. The male driver (who can only see my head) catches my eye and makes a masturbatory gesture with his hand until we drive out of sight. I feel, as usual, totally … Continued


Had a car load of men leer and yell “Wewwwww!” at me whilst I waited at the crossing on Gympie Rd, Chermside (Brisbane, Australia at 10:30am on Saturday, 12 July 2013) They then got caught in traffic so I was able to snap this photo of their vehicle. Contained four typical bogan-type louts. [got_back]

Thea’s Story: “I am not a bitch”

I cut through a mini park six feet away from a main street, at 7:30 in the morning, to catch a bus, towing a suitcase. This apparently is enough provocation for a man on a bench nearby, who looks the worse for wear, to issue a steady stream of abuse until I am out of … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Startling Stare-er!

While trying to enjoy lunch with my partner, a man at the table behind ours kept staring at me (he was in a large group of men). I slid my chair to one side, hoping to deter further staring, to no avail. I asked my partner to move to another table with me so we … Continued

Week In Our Shoes: Chalking Up A Storm!

Dear Hollas, As HOLLA::Revolution inches closer and closer (July 25th!!), the¬†mothership is busy with final preparations! We’re SO EXCITED because the conference is going to be totally RAD and tickets are selling out fast! There are still a few left, so if you haven’t picked yours up yet, make sure to get ’em now! And … Continued