Adrienne’s Story: “I know I’m not alone in experiencing this”

I go to a “barcade” quite frequently. I usually go there tuesday nights and stay until closing. I can usually walk to my car, by myself, without being bothered. I usually only ask one of my friend to come with me if I parked farther away than usual. (I shouldn’t even have to do that, but women learn to fear the night. This is part of it)

One night when I was leaving, I was only parked a block away. There were three guys next to my car, but I didn’t think anything of it at first. I don’t normally fear groups of men right away. I was crossing the street when one shouted, “HEY, BABY! COME HERE!” I instantly panicked and walked inside another bar that was just about to close. That man was standing right next to my car, my escape, when he shouted at me. (good thing he didn’t know it was my car!) I told the bartender and another older gentleman what happened. They were disgusted, and the other older guy walked me to my car. The men were gone, but I was still scared, still paranoid.

For a few weeks, I had at least one of my friends (usually male. most of my friends are guys) walk me to my car even if it was a block away. I feared groups of strange men for a while, no matter what time of the day it was. I told them what happened, and they understood why I was scared, even though many of them are men, so they have never experienced the same kind of harassement. I know I’m not alone in experiencing this. My female friends have told me their stories too.

I’m lucky to have friends around me for support, and I’m lucky to know so many guys who understand that this is not right. The only thing is is that many of us don’t know what we can do about it. Now, thanks to you, there’s a way we can fight back!