Maddie’s Story: Violated in Public

I was on the bus going to work around 7:30. Its a free route around the PSU campus. This man in front of me was wearing white shorts and looking at porn on his phone. It was this woman being banged from behind. He started to get an extremely visible hard on. I started to feel sick and looked away. The other people on the bus were two other women. I couldn’t get off. I needed to get to work on time. He was wearing sunglasses so I have no idea if he was looking at anyone. I was trying to look away anyways. Eventually the other women noticed I think but they were blocked from direct view. The bus driver didn’t know. I was so scared since he separated me from the other passengers and the bus driver. Eventually he gets up to get off. It was almost like he was making sure he was hard when he stood up. The other women exited the bus at the front and he got off the side. I ran to the front of the bus and just started walking to my building. I think he went into the building behind me and then I looked back in a bit and he was crossing into another building.

🙁 I didn’t know what to do. I’m glad it was 8am and not 8pm. I want to feel safe using public transportation in my area. I don’t want to feel violated in public.