Thea’s Story: Time For A Change

Travelling on a public coach in the daytime down the highway, I look out the window at a car driving in the next lane. The male driver (who can only see my head) catches my eye and makes a masturbatory gesture with his hand until we drive out of sight. I feel, as usual, totally helpless. That day on my way to the bus, I had already been cussed out on the sidewalk as a ‘bitch’ by another male stranger, while walking past him (in broad daylight, fully dressed). Last time I was out of town and crossing a street (again in broad daylight, fully dressed), two men in a car driving by threw a liquid out of their window and all over me, then watched my reaction in their car mirrors. I just want to be able to travel without experiencing verbal, gestural or physical assaults on my confidence and my person. I would characterise these as sexual in nature because it is males on their own insulting a young woman on her own.