Emily’s Story: “catches me offguard”

This is an online hollaback to a person who probably created a fake profile just for harassment purposes considering his profile name is Jon Smith.
I think he might have seen my post on a feminist pro-body hair fan page called “F*ck Shaving” where women posts pictures of their hairy selves. I posted something like this article, although I cant find the one I actually posted, on pubic hair and received the message that I screen shot and attached here.

I am a women’s studies major, so I know a bit about our patriarchal society and how it produces attitudes about women like this person must have, but it still catches me off guard when people have the audacity to send harassing messages like these. I’m probably not in any real danger, but this messages reminds me of the sort of sexism people are capable of. And now I’m going to make sure that my privacy settings don’t allow anyone who isn’t my friend see what city I’m in…