Mary’s Story: “No one even flinched”

So, this past new years eve (2012), I was visiting my friend studying abroad in England. We decided to brave the crowds and head down to the Thames River to watch the fireworks. We were about one block behind big ben. It was extremely crowded, obviously. Because of this, some group of asshole guys that it would be fun to harass my friend and I. They kept catcalling at us, whispering in our ears, etc. We were getting pretty pissed off and even a little scared. I totally flipped my shit when one guy thought I wouldn’t notice when he decided it was a good idea to reach under my dress and to start grabbing my ass/crotch. I started yelling, screaming, anything to get someone’s attention. I yelled one explicative after another at the man, to which he and his horde responded: “women can’t talk like that to a man.” After a few minutes of me screaming my ass off, he backed away. To my knowledge, no one even flinched.