Kera’s Story: “just trying to walk around”

I’m walking to the public library that is across my small town from where I live. I was walking alone (yes I am in highschool walking through my city alone, but I keep my hand in my pocket with my keys between my knuckles at all times, as my town is known for douchebag stoners hitting on girls my age)

Anyways, I’m walking and come to a stop to wait for the crosswalk. Across the intersection to my right were two homely looking men with large coats and hair that hadn’t been washed in weeks; these two men j-walked across the street, running and pointing at me as the got closer and closer to me. “Hey!” one of them shouted. As naturally as I could I ignored them until they got right behind me.

“Hey my name is [i dont remember] and hey maybe you wanted to come hang out with me and my bud, if youre into that stuff” and I repeated no to each of their offers. When it finally came to the point of, “hey I never caught your name!” and I replied with “Ker” and he shook my hand, and without letting go of my hand he asked me my last name which I replied with, “you have no reason to care about that” which to my relief made them back up and away from me. After I repeatedly pressed the crosswalk button to save me he asked me the most revolting question of all…

“Hey girl, how old are you?” which I replied with “too young for you to be screwing around with.” “So you arent 18?” which I was really pissed off at this point and yelled “NO! goodbye.” “Fine fine” and he turned around to his bud and said “damn, what do they FEED the girls around here?!”

I do not deserve to live in a world where I am confronted with these people when i’m just trying to walk around!