Cat’s Story: “not taking this crap anymore”

My new years resolution is not taking this crap anymore, so I am posting again because this week has been full of harassment.

Thursday June 6th, 2013
A guy followed me for three blocks. I had my phone out and was violently texting people my location, and had my pepperspray in hand. I walked as fast as I could. Finally, I came to a busy intersection and ran across the street. Since there was some distance between us I screamed at him. I was pretty furious at this point. “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT!? ARE YOU A FUCKING RAPIST MUGGER OR SOMETHING!? IF MY ROOMMATE DOESN’T HEAR FROM ME IN TEN MINUTES HE’S CALLING THE COPS! WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME!?” He was really embarrassed. “I just thought you were really pretty and wanted your number…” I didn’t let him finish before I flipped out again. “FUCK YOU FUCKING FUCK! FUCK NO YOU FUCKING CREEP! GO THE FUCK AWAY!” I just screamed at him until he rounded the corner.

Saturday June 8th, 2013On the way back from work I got harassed by 3 different men in cars. As I was crossing the street one guy demanded to see my breasts. I screamed at him and gave him the finger and kept walking. He called me an “ugly slut,” and all sorts of other names. I really wish I had kicked the bumper of their car in, or walked up behind it and taken a photo of the license plate to post here. Considering that he was in a car full of other men who did nothing to stop him, they deserved to have their bumper kicked in. The next person who harassed me was a college aged guy with glasses with the glass punched out who was stoned out of his mind and sitting in the back seat of a car. He yelled that I was sexy, and I kept moving still pissed off from the previous car. The third car was the scariest, a guy pulled up near me and followed me for a block asking for my number. He wouldn’t leave me alone until I picked up my phone and acted like I was going to call the cops. Once again, pissed that I didn’t get the license plate number.