Johanna’s Story: “Too pretty to be walking”

Was going for a walk Tuesday June 4th, 2013. Guy got my attention from a white SUV. I assumed he wanted directions so I stayed about 7 feet from the car and asked him if he needed anything. He asked me if I wanted a ride. I said, no, I was just going up the street. He continued to follow me, asking me 4-5 more times if I wanted to ride, saying I was “too pretty to be walking” and I should get in the car. Finally I got pissed off (and I was fearing for me safety) so as three big guys crossed the road, I walked with them to the safety of a Subway and called for a ride. He was still sitting outside in his SUV when my ride arrived about ten minutes later.

It’s incredibly sad that I can’t walk in my own darn neighborhood without being harassed. Wish I had gotten his license plate number but I was too scared/pissed off.

The three guys asked if I needed one of them to stay while I waited for my ride and apologized that I had to deal with that.